About Me

Hi, my name is Danae Wheeler and I am the founder of DW Design and Photography. I'm based just north of Denver and love what this part of the country has to offer. It's gorgeous first of all. We've got the mountains, the big city, and the farm life all within a few minutes of each other. There are great outdoor activities year-round - hiking, biking, boating, skiing (or boarding in my case), sledding... you name it! There is always something to do here! But in the name of not sounding too outdoorsy... my absolute favorite thing to do is sit on the couch with my hubby and watch a movie or chat about the day (and laugh at our crazy dog or yell at our squawking bird).

While I currently work full-time designing print materials for a large non-profit, I love the challenge and freedom of having my own business as well. So while my weekdays are spent designing materials for twelve states, hundreds of staff, and thousands of events/programs, my nights/wknds are mine to spend on honing my skills, increasing my knowledge of design, and creating new designs for my freelance clients.

The photographical side of DW Design and Photography began from a long time interest in capturing and preserving memories for future generations. I was blessed to be born into a photographic family and my Gramps made a living from his work. My first SLR camera came from him – a Nikomat. I will always cherish the gift that he gave me - not only that camera - but my love for being behind the camera, capturing moments to remember.

This website is for my friends and my acquaintances, my current clients and my future clients, my comrades and my accomplices in business and in life. It’s a way to show my work and my experiences through the fields of design and photography, what I learn and what I may be struggling with. I hope to share a little of my passion with you! Make sure to check out my blog, see some sample photos and leave a comment for me. I appreciate good words as well as constructive criticism. :)

Thanks for visiting me!