Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Officially Spring!

Spring officially started today and what a beautiful day it is! The kids are outside playing and allowing me some time to get a little bit of work done, which includes catching up on some very belated blog posting...and billing (ya know, the important part of running a business).

Most of my time as of late has been caring for snotty noses and sleepless toddlers. It's made the nights long and the days longer, but we're surviving and extremely happy for some warmer weather to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. I know that we have a couple more months of winter left here in Colorado... our snowiest months are usually March and April...but we are enjoying the "spring" weather while it is here.

It's exciting to see how God is providing for us lately. He's brought a few new clients my way in the past couple of weeks and my calendar is already filling up with both photography sessions and design jobs. Spring is an exciting time of the year!

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