Monday, January 12, 2015

The Cake

So...the cake. Basically, it fell apart when I tried getting it out of the pan. I was able to piece it together to make a short stack, but it was very very rough looking. A couple hour stay in the freezer made it secure enough to accept frosting without it falling to pieces again.

If only the frosting worked out! Grr. For some reason, the frosting tasted HORRIBLE! I followed the directions but I'm not sure what happened. So, I dumped that and was going to make a grocery run first thing the next morning for the nasty pre-made, full-of-junk frosting tub.

Now, I have nothing against store bought frosting. It actually is pretty tasty sometimes and I am not one to say no to anything sweet. Plus, trying to get the color right myself was a bit tricky. Yes, I did use food coloring, although I did buy some berries and such to try it out naturally. I just didn't get the time to try with all the hassles with the first batch tasting horrible. But mostly I wanted to make my own frosting because I haven't given the kid much junky foods. He had a dairy insensitivity for most of his infant life - which meant I've been dairy-free for most of his infant life - and I've been hesitant to add much of that in, especially all at once. Plus, who wants a serious allergic reaction right before his birthday party?! So anyway, think about that if you are planning a cake smash session with me or with your photographer. Safety first!

Back to the cake...

It was bothering me so bad that night that I didn't have the cake ready for my morning cake smash session that instead of going to bed like a normal person, I made another batch of frosting using whatever ingredients I could find in my fridge and cupboards. :) This time it tasted pretty good and actually was a good enough consistency to use.

I had meant to do one large circle eye in white and black frosting on the front, but with all the frosting issues and my lack of time since it was now 11:30 at night, I figured out some different eyes to use. Thanks to sister's craft project pom pom balls and cake pop sticks. :)

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