Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Annual Report - Global Connection International

The staff at Global Connection International were so pleased with our last project (the Xtreme Truth Mailer) that they contacted me again for help designing their Annual Report! I was happy to oblige of course.

I love doing Annual Reports! They are a mixture of creativity, stories, facts and financials all combined into one large, or small, piece. It takes a lot of thought and structure to get all this into one booklet and keep it all looking cohesive. And on top of that, the company's branding needs to be maintained.

Maybe it's because life in general tends to be complicated. There's always so many parts and pieces in our lives - work, home, social, kids, friends, church, etc. I think this allows me to take a bit of that complicated mess and make it seem so beautifully simplistic. :)

We got the report put together and finalized, then came back a few weeks later and created individual pages that GCI could email out through a series of enewsletters.

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