Friday, November 14, 2014

Xtreme Truth - Global Connection International

Global Connection International is an organization working all over the world to help bring the gospel to some of the darkest and hardest reached places. One of its big areas is human trafficking. GCI staff were putting together an event here in Colorado for high school girls to bring awareness to this horrible offense within our own communities. Yes, this is a problem even here in the United States. I heard the stories of local young girls being bribed and threatened and trapped in sexual slavery, all while still living a 'normal' teenage life, unsuspecting of their parents and friends. It's disgusting and horrendous, but this knowledge needs to be out there to prevent our own daughters, sisters and friends from becoming ensnared in the same situations.

They had been working with a local print shop to design a mailer for this event and just couldn't connect their thoughts and ideas with that shop's designer. So they contacted me! We met up and discussed what they were looking for. They sent me some samples of images they thought would work for the mailer. And since the deadline was fast approaching for when they needed this in the mail, I got right to work on setting up the piece.

We had quite a bit of back and forth for changes and new image ideas and finally met up for an afternoon of designing/collaborating ideas with the images we could find to purchase. It was a long day and a wee bit stressful since we couldn't find the exact image to fit the size and specs and feeling of the project, but we found some that were close seconds. A few more changes and drafts later and this is the finished project:
It's pretty nice if I do say so myself. :)

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