Monday, August 18, 2014

Catching up... and a graduation.

It's been a long summer... and yet, this summer has gone very quickly! Can you believe it's August already?? We've had family vacations (most being simply a long weekend away), weddings, parties, playdates, camping, family celebrations. Then we've had flu bugs and colds, temper tantrums and talking back, time outs and spankings,

The latest and greatest event was this graduation that we attended about halfway through the summer. I should've brought my Nikon to capture this event, but at the time juggling two kids and a DSLR didn't sound like much fun. So the camera on my phone had to suffice.

So now that summer is over and the weather is just starting to get unbearably hot (ha!), I need to get back into posting and creative exercising. We'll see how that goes... these two kiddos of mine are always on the go. And lately they've both decided that they want to stay up all night...and not take naps during the day (Bubbi has been surviving on 10 minute snoozes! No idea how!). This has been hard on me and sweet Hubs! But here is to being hopeful I can carve out some more time for the 'paperwork' and social side of my business. :)

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