Thursday, October 10, 2013

Utah Valley University

The Lord has really been blessing me lately. I received a message awhile back from an old coworker, who now works for a university in Utah in their business school. She was wondering if I was still designing and if I would be interested in being their freelancer for the business school, since the university marketing department didn't have much time for the other schools within the university.

Of course I was ecstatic! I loved working with her back at our old stomping grounds and the thought of partnering together again was too much to say no to. :) So we've been working these last few weeks on some new materials and overall designs for the business school. It's been a real pleasure and so far everyone has been very easy to please (Patti says it's because of the way her and I communicate and I do agree with her).

Here are a few of the many pieces we've worked on lately:

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