Thursday, October 24, 2013

Education is Continual

I am one that loves my Adobe programs. I use them for practically everything I do! However, I'm not a fan of how they created the Creative Cloud and only have a month-to-month subscription now... so I am currently loving on my CS 5.5 version of the software, which in all reality suits my needs just fine. On another note, I do need a new computer and that's currently what I am pursuing. Any suggestions out there?

I'm debating building one (with help from my tech-savvy brother) or buying one from a bricks and mortar store. Or I might reformat and rebuild some of my desktop to improve its functions and then look at buying a new laptop for portability purposes. Hm... the choices!

But on to the 'education' reason for this post...

 I've been enjoying CreativeLive and it's many wonderful (and FREE) videos and trainings. Currently they are running "30 Days of Photoshop" and while I haven't been able to catch all the videos, I have watched a few of them and am learning some new things here and there. (It's tough with a toddler running around to find a big block of time to watch these live - which is how/when they are free. But sometimes they'll do replays and I can catch bits here and there.)

There have also been trainings from real estate photographers, newborn and maternity photographers, editing of images and portrait styles, selling your products online, etc etc etc. And there are many many more videos for purchase if you missed the LIVE showing and would like all-time access to watch a specific class, artist, etc. I think it's such a neat idea and a great asset to people out there who want to learn more in their craft...or learn about a completely new craft. :)

**I have not been paid or solicited for my comments on any of the companies discussed above. Although if they ever see this post or come across my blog, I would be happy to test out products for them and give an honest opinion about them if they need another 'real life' tester. ;) *wink wink*

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