Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RMS - AAPG Logo Design

I've recently been working with a committee member for an event to be held next summer here in Denver. They were in need of a brand for the event itself and I was so excited that they contacted me to create it! I love the variety of projects that come my way...it helps keeps my skills and creativity in a constant rotation, but doesn't allow me to get too focused into one particular area or style of design.

Here was her starting point for the logo - - "We are in need of a logo for our annual Rocky Mountain Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists meeting to take place in Denver next summer.  Our theme is Cracking the Source, which refers to the current trend in our industry of targeting and understanding source rocks, which generate the oil and gas we produce."

So off I went to researching and brainstorming and creating some starting proofs. These pieces are always fun to design as it needs to fit the career involved, but also convey the atmosphere of the event itself. Cat wanted some mountains to pull in the location of the meeting and some cracking action to fit their theme, but gave me free reign on pretty much everything else. Along the way, we decided on the basic design, colors, and shape of the overall logo artwork. Then we moved toward fine-tuning the design itself so that it would be completely print-ready for however they needed to reproduce it on their materials. I knew upfront that they wanted to imprint the logo onto bags and to create a large banner, so took those in mind when coming up with the design. These things are always good to know from the beginning. :)

Here are the final pieces:

Thanks Cat for letting me work with ya'll on this!