Friday, April 26, 2013

CCBC Shopping Bags

I was asked last minute to put together the artwork for a shopping bag that is going to be handed out to festival attendees. It was a simple feat - the church logo and information was all that needed to be pulled and added to the vector file for the printer. The rush came from the printer realizing that they could get the job done in a quick time frame, but they needed the file that next morning. So I took a few minutes to compile the info and email off the file to the Associate Pastor at CCBC so that he could get it to the printer and get the details worked out for the printing. This is basically what it will look like (give or take the final placement of the artwork which was decided by the printer in this case):

Thursday, April 18, 2013

CCBC Business Directory

I've been doing quite a bit of work lately for Calvary Community Baptist Church. Part of that comes with them having their website redesigned (through an official web designer). :) But they've included me in a bunch of the communication and decisions along the way.

Not sure if this piece will be included on the website, or if it's just for print to the members of the church. I was asked to help design a cover for this year's business directory. Being that designing this type of thing is actually my type of business, I said yes. :) I'm happy to help where I can. And, I love the work!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lorene's 1st Birthday Shoot

Last weekend was Lorene's 1st Birthday party! I can't believe these little kiddos are already a year! My little Munchie was the first one born out of all these kids and it was hard to believe it when her 1st birthday came around. But now all the babies that were born around the same time are all turning one! My goodness, how the time flies!

I was blessed to be able to take a few fun pictures of Lorene's cupcake smash. Her mama wanted to see how she would react to the cupcake - with all that chocolate and icing - before the big party the next day. So we set up a space and watched as she explored this new thing in front of her.

What a precious little thing!

It took a little coaxing to get her to dig in. But overall, I think it was a big success!