Friday, December 28, 2012

Family Photos

For as long as I can remember, I've been the photographer/designer/computer wiz for the family. Even though one of my bros works at Apple (a Genius to be exact!), I am the one the majority of people come to when they need something related to photography, computers, DVD players, etc etc. Not that I don't mind. But most of the time I just play around until what I need to happen happens, or till something breaks.

Just kidding on the breaks part. :)

I don't mind helping out with photography either. I like having good pictures of my family and it makes me happy knowing that they have a visual of that moment/year/experience/vacation. I also love seeing the photos that I took and the designs that I created up on their walls and bookshelves in their houses. It makes my heart warm. (Insert "awww" here.) Lol.

This collage of photos are some of our latest ones.
Thanks to my brother for stealing, er borrowing my camera to get one of the three of us! (top left)

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