Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Newborn - AnnaMarie

Ever since I was blessed with my own little one, the art of photographing babies has been a joy and a challenge that I want to do more of. We've had lots of babies being born in the area (neighbors, friends, church folks, friends of friends, etc) and I'm just itch'n to set up a photo-date with all of them. I didn't get too many great photos of my little C within the first couple weeks of her life, and after that perfect time period had passed, I was left with a squirmy, open-eyed little munchkin which made it impossible to get any fun poses out of her.

I've been able in the past couple weeks to get some good newborn photos of some cutie kids! This is one of them - AnnaMarie. Her mama brought her over for a shopping-date and we attempted some pics before we left. A didn't like to be naked... so mama put her in a cute pink and brown outfit. She wasn't interested in sleeping either, so all the pics were bright-eyed. She is a cutie though!

Here's one of them from that day. Mama was trying to tell A how important it was to relax and enjoy the shoot. :)

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