Sunday, July 8, 2012

Aaron + Mary - Maternity Photos

I can't believe how great the weather turned out to be for us for this shoot. We were all really worried that the heat was gonna be too much for all of us, especially for the darling preggo. ;) I know how it is when you're pregnant and all the hormones and body heat... it's a sweltering mess most of the time. I don't wish summer pregnancy on anyone. Honestly though, it might be better to be preggo during the summer and have a winter baby, as the body heat doesn't calm down after the little one is born. It actually gets worse (in my humble opinion) since then you have two of you sharing the warmth creating pools of sweat! TMI? Maybe. :) Just stating the truth.

Anywho, the evening turned out to be gorgeous... still a little warm... but not unbearable. And there was a light breeze to keep the air fresh.

The squirrels were out and the flowers were gorgeous. I absolutely love this park! I wish I still lived closer to it... instead of my hour long trek to get there now. :(
I always try to arrive early to scout out locations, check the fields (see if they've mowed or left it au-natural!), watch the other visitors and try to preplan our route to keep said visitors out of the background. :)

Well, as I was walking and enjoying the view... did I mention that I love this park?!... and glanced something out of the corner of my eye. It brought my feet to a stop and my heart to a pace that would make a racehorse dizzy.
Luckily it was just a little gardener snake (right??), but it still scared me none-the-less. Oh well, at least it was a good reminder that even though we were in a park, it was still inhabited by wild creatures and we had to keep a lookout when we went traipsing through the knee-high grass! Haha!

Aaron and Mary arrived for their shoot and we got down to business! We had some fun and they were good sports... Aaron especially as I know many men don't like getting pictures taken but put up with it because they love their wives/girlfriends/moms/sisters/etc and it's what we want. (ahem - insert my Hubs here - Thanks Hun for putting up with all my crazy photo requests too!) :)

We got a lot of great pics! Check some of them out:

And if that's not enough, feel free to check them all out here.

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