Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maternity Leave

Our girl is finally here! We've been spending the past couple weeks getting to know each other and learning about life as a family of three.

She arrived early in the morning on Tuesday, January 31st. The birth went well, although honestly it was a lot harder than even I thought it would be. But I am so glad that we had her all natural (yes, without any pain meds!) and in the comfort of our own home. It was great to be able to relax and catch up on some sleep all day on Tuesday, and not have to worry about being in a hospital or waiting to go home, etc.

She is a healthy, happy little one and has been a great baby these past couple of weeks. I will say that I am one exhausted mama, but our little miss is doing well and sleeps great! We haven't quite yet figured out a schedule (it seems to change a little every day), but I know we still have time for that. She sleeps mostly through the night and I've finally been able to catch some Zzz the past few that I've been getting used to her little noises and movements. :)

Maternity leave from my full-time job has been great, and necessary! I love hanging out with our little angel, getting to know her and learning her personality. Life has definitely changed forever...for the good! I am so excited to watch us grow and learn from each other and figure out how to blend family, work, and hobby lives together.

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