Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January is quickly passing...

It's been quite a start to the new year... we're nearing the end of the first month (well, okay, we're really only halfway through, but that really means that the month is practically over... LOL!) and as usual, time has just flown by! The reason could be that I've been so focused on my pregnancy, and dealing with 3rd Trimester exhaustion, and finishing projects around the house, and trying to get things lined up at work for my maternity leave, and dealing with carpal tunnel which has been affecting my desire to do much of anything extra involving my hands, and making lists for food and to-dos and baby announcements, etc etc etc. Life just doesn't seem to want to slow down for me.

Probably everyone feels like that though. Right?

I think we just all make ourselves so busy that we seem to miss what each day may offer. I think that's another one of my goals for this year... to try to slow down and instead of wishing for the weekend or looking forward to what's coming next in our schedule, I want to try to sit down and enjoy the breathe of the moment. That sounds nice, doesn't it?

Another thing that's kept me busy these past couple months has been some design work for our church. We had a great Christmas Eve program at church and had a wonderful turnout. I'm hoping that many people were blessed from the message and the music! I was blessed by being able to design the materials for the event. Here are a couple of them:

And then for the past few months they've been looking at redesigning some materials for the church - changing the colors and designs of the basic materials... it all started with the Welcome Packet and grew from there. :) So that's been a long process that we're finally nearing the end of (well, the end of the first stage of materials maybe? Lol!). I know there will be many other materials that we'll need to update as time goes on, but here are the starting pieces:

So that's a portion of 2012 so far! Baby is due any day and I'm not sure how that'll pan out with how much time I can dedicate to photography and design...at least in the first couple months. It's gonna be a learning process for me and the family. :) Maybe I can at least catch up with posting past projects, learning new things, and getting the website updated! Yup, that would be good to do! :)

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