Friday, July 15, 2011

Go Team USA!

The USA Women's Soccer team is in the Women's World Cup Finals tomorrow against Japan. So I'm a little torn... my homeland vs my motherland. It's a tough position to be in.

Actually when it comes to soccer, I'm USA all the way! Go Ladies! I'll be rooting for ya!!

I took this photo when in Costa Rica for a college scouting trip. I went with my college coach and one of my teammates to check out some players from several other countries. There was a big tournament in Costa Rica and a friend of the school sponsored us to go and recruit. Out of this trip, we ended up getting some girls from Antigua, so I guess it was worth it. :P

We had some great seats up at the top of the stadium in the "executive section". Sat next to some of the USA player's families. But then the main promoter saw my camera and asked if I wanted a better view. Not exactly sure what he was getting at, I said this view is great. He then told me to follow him (after clearing it with Coach) and took me down to the field, gave me a vest and a pass, and sent me out to stand with the media photographers!

It was insane. I was there on the field! I could have reached out and touched the players themselves! Several times the ball whizzed over my head and it was so hard not to jump in and start playing with them! Being a soccer player at heart, I couldn't just move out of the way and let the ball roll by me like the other photographers did, so there was once that I stopped the ball with my feet and passed it to Christine Lily so that she could set up for her corner kick. That was probably one of the coolest moments of my college career! :)

And then I grabbed some awesome photos of the game. Unfortunately back then it was film (no digital for me), so the photos are just so-so... but man. What I wouldn't give to have that opportunity now with my new equipment!

I just had to share. So GO USA!!!

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