Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Grand 60th!

Isn't it fun when family and friends get together to celebrate a big accomplishment? One such accomplishment came this past week with my Aunt's 60th Birthday! Congrats Barbie! We love you and are very happy we could celebrate with you!

We ate at Sushi Zensai in Loveland.

Lots of options to choose from!

Then it was time to thank the Lord for the food... in Japanese of course!
(My grandparents were missionaries in Japan for many years. Thus their children all grew up over there and whenever we all get together there are always Japanese phrases or words being randomly thrown into sentences.)

Then out comes the Sushi! Yum!

Then back to Barbie's place for some ice cream and presents.

Barbie's a MidWife, so we couldn't help but get her this darling book of newborns.

It was a fun evening, a yummy time, and a great celebration with family and friends!

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