Monday, May 16, 2011

Luxury to the Max!

For the past couple days I've been a spoiled guest at the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort in Colorado Springs.

All images courtesy of the Broadmoor (

This place is even more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined! I mean, I've seen pictures and heard stories and read about it in multiple publications, but nothing could have prepared me for actually visiting. The only thing I ask myself now is why have I waited so long to visit this magnificent place?!

Oh yeah.... the price of luxury.

It's not really in my budget.

All images courtesy of the Broadmoor (

My trip here isn't all fun and games. I'm actually working. Yup, working on my birthday (which was today btw). But when a friend called me up a couple months ago and said she needed a photographer for a convention she was helping to put together, I knew it was meant to be. So the details were worked out and now I'm here, rooming with one of the Committee Members, attending the sessions, going to all the social events, and taking photo after photo after photo of everything happening.

All images courtesy of the Broadmoor (

It's been a great learning experience with my new camera. There have been a lot of trials and experimentations working with the settings. But my new baby has been doing just great! (I'll let you meet her soon.)

But anywho, back to this fabulous place... The Broadmoor has over 700 rooms, 3500 acres, and a world-class spa that I get to visit later this week (per a b-day gift from my dear friend).

All images courtesy of the Broadmoor (

The staff are friendly, many of the chefs I've noticed are quite young (maybe apprentice chefs working on their internships?), and the place is covered head to toe in bright, wonderful smelling flowers. Our room overlooks the lake and turn-down service is fabulous. We're sitting here now enjoying the calm jazz music playing on the clock-radio, telling ourselves to just go to bed, but enjoying the peace of the evening way too much after the busy day of events and seminars.

I'll be posting some pictures from the convention soon. Like I've mentioned here before and in discussions with many people, this starting up a business thing is rough at times and there are details that I haven't yet worked out. So thanks to everyone for staying patient as I work through proofing websites and posting routines and getting this site set up properly! I owe you my deepest gratitude!

Now off to bed... it's gonna be another early morning!

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